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Effective 15 September, 2022

A Smile is the shortest distance between two people. That’s why, here at Gigmondo Limited we’ve created Bank of Smiles.

Withdraw A Smile

We believe a Smile should never come with conditions. Therefore, you don’t need to setup an account or provide your name to receive a smile. 


If you want, you can choose to allow us to use your GPS location. This will enable the person who deposited the smile to see just how far it travelled to reach you (don’t worry they can only see the town or city you are in). 

Deposit A Smile

Thanks for choosing to share your smile and making a difference in someone’s life - a simple act of kindness. When you want to deposit a smile, you will be required to login using either Google or Apple login. This enables us to allow you to manage your smile going forward and to see how far it has travelled. 

You can deposit one 3 second video smile with no sound into The Vault. The Bank of Smiles is stored in the U.S.. We may use automatic decision making to identify smiles that don’t meet our acceptability standards. The last thing we want to do is make anyone frown. 


You can only deposit one smile at a time, but you can change it as often as you like. Your smile can be from just you, or from a group.  

If you want, you can choose to allow us to use your GPS location. This will enable the receiver to see how far your smile has travelled to reach them (don’t worry they can only see which town or city you are in). 

Your smile may be shared at random with anyone who wants to make a withdrawal from the bank. Your smile is not shared with anyone else unless required by law.

You can choose to remove your smile from the bank at any time. After 14 days your smile video will be automatically deleted.


If you choose to enable notifications, we’ll let you know when your smile is deleted and will ask if you would like to deposit a new one.

Your Rights

The smile you deposited can be viewed, updated or removed in the app.  You can also change whether you share your location at any time. 


If you contributed a smile as part of a group, please contact the depositor of your smile if you wish to change or remove your smile.


You are also more than welcome to contact one of our team at who will happily help you - with a smile of course. 


We may change this privacy notice occasionally. If we do we will publish a notification in the app.

Making Contact

We’d love to talk to you about Bank Of Smiles. If you contact us through social media or our online form, we will use the information provided to respond to you. We will not share your details with anyone else.

Signing Up

We hope to make you smile by keeping you updated with the latest news about Bank Of Smiles. If at any time you decide you don’t want to continue getting updates, you can unsubscribe.

Questions or Complaints

If you have any questions or want to make a complaint, please reach out to our team at

If we are unable to make you smile you can make a complaint to your local privacy regulator or the New Zealand Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

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